Onepoundsite is excellent at his job! He helped me getting rid of a problem that did not let me update my worpress site or plugins. He fixed it in a day or two and it felt like he was on his computer 24/7. Instant responses, fast execution. What else do you want?


It’s great! He works fast and efficiently. His communication is excellent. I would highly recommend him and would hire him again in the future.


One pound site was very friendly and accommodating. He implemented all of my team’s feedback patiently. We will definitely consider him first whenever we need a Website Developer again. Thanks.


Onepoundsite helped me building my website. Eventhough for me it looked something very simple to do, it took a month and a half to be completed (when initially he said one week). He needed to be followed along the process and didn’t seem independent in fixing issues that were clear in the pages. In general communication was prompt and he was always available, but I wouldn’t consider it a smooth job process